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Avani Hotels Auckland City

I was lucky enough to stay at the beautiful Avani hotels Auckland for a weekend getaway. The location of the hotel is in the most central part of Auckland city. It is a short walk to bars, restaurants, and many attractions. The hotel has many benefits one of them being the fact that tourist attractions are just a short Uber ride away. If you’re in Auckland for a short weekend or a longer stay the location is perfect. I’m going to give you an overview of my stay and a mini blog tour around the spots I enjoy being a local Aucklander.

The Hotel itself

I thought I would start off with an overview of the Avani Hotel Auckland itself. The hotel was too beautiful for me not to snap up some photos for my blog. My favorite part of my stay was the beautiful pool. I’ve always been a huge water person whether it’s going to a nearby beach in Mission Bay which is a short ride away or spending time in the hotel facilities. The pool area also has a spa and sauna which I spent some time in as the pool area was open quite late. This suits anyone who wants to pop out for a local bite then enjoy the pool after.

Auckland hotels pool  Avani Hotels Pool Auckland

Avani Hotel Pool Auckland  Auckland hotel pool

The Room

The views were so stunning from the hotel room I stayed in for the weekend at Avani Hotels. I actually work in the city so I could spot my work out the window. The room I stayed in also had a large living area and a kitchen. This made it a perfect space for anyone wanting to travel for a longer time. Also, an added bonus is the washing machine in the room which is perfect for any traveler as most hotels don’t have this in your room. For this reason, I would highly recommend spending a little extra and getting a similar room to the one I stayed in. I also had an amazing sleep and the bed in the room was soft to sleep on. This is needed when you’re adventuring in the daytime in Auckland City and want to have a peaceful sleep.

Avani Hotels Auckland Hotel room  Welcome gift Avani Metropolis Auckland Hotels

Avani Metropolis Auckland Hotels View  Hotel in Auckland with a view of the city


The Avani Hotel Auckland Building

The Hotel itself is a short walk to the Auckland art museum. I couldn’t resist a photo in front of the building like every other blogger that stays at the hotel. The location is literally in the heart of the city with many local places to eat like the Scarecrow Cafe. This cafe does an awesome breakfast menu and a good coffee. It has fresh groceries and snack food so if you don’t want to eat out at a restaurant you can grab something to take back to your room to eat or cook up the ingredients later.

  Avani Hotel Building Auckland  Avani Hotel Auckland

Mission Bay Beach

Just a short Uber ride from the hotel was my first spot for the weekend outside of the hotel. I enjoyed some local fish and chips on the beach with my partner. The location is only a 10 minute Uber ride away and is the perfect way to experience a kiwi beach setting. You can also see a view of the city and surrounding locations from this point. If you don’t want to Uber there you can also take other public transport such as a bus. The iconic Mission Bay fountain can also be found at Mission Bay Beach.

Mission Bay Fountain

Mission Bay beach by sunset

Mission Bay beach Avani Hotels

The perfect breakfast spot

Just walking distance from Avani Metropolis Auckland is the perfect breakfast spot Scarecrow. Open from 7 am for the early morning risers this breakfast spot is also an artisan food pantry. You can do your needed food shopping while staying at the hotel without having to venture into a supermarket. The cafe is an urban farmers market which offers local products for your pantry, home, and table. It has fresh organic produce from the Auckland region’s best artisan suppliers. They also stock fresh flowers so if you’re meeting a friend in the city while you stay you can grab a last minute present. I had eggs benedict and the most amazing coffee so I highly recommend this spot for a bite to eat or a quick food shop.

Scarecrow Auckland Cafe Scarecrow cafe breakfast   Stylish cafe, urban farmers market & florist focusing on locally sourced, organic fare. artisan coffee auckland scarecrow cafe


CrunchTower Desserts and Drinks

The next stop on my #AvaniMe weekend stay at the Avani Hotels Auckland was CrunchTower Desserts and Drinks. This dessert spot is a five minute Uber drive from the hotel. It’s based in an area of Auckland Central called Parnel. The cafe itself is down a small alleyway and I stopped by twice over the weekend to try out a few different things on the menu. If you just want to enjoy a tea or just a dessert this spot is very Instagram worthy. If you have a sweet tooth I would highly recommend stopping in for a small or big bite to eat.

CrunchTower Desserts & Drinks

Gelato Auckland  Gelatos Auckland


Rainbow walk by Uber

Catch another Uber down the road (this one is a bit further) to the Rainbow walk in Mt Eden. The location is right by Unitech, connecting Mt Albert to the rest of the West cyclists will be able to take a majestic journey. This is one of my favourite hidden spots which isn’t normally on a tourists radar. The best way to get there is an Uber because the location can be hidden and you might need some help from your driver.

Rainbow walk auckland uber  Rainbow walk auckland uber adventure


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Pre-arrival Travel Tips to Auckland, New Zealand

What is the currency in New Zealand?
NZD or New Zealand Dollar is used

When is the best time to visit Auckland New Zealand?
The best months to visit Auckland are from March to May and between September and November. December to February the weather is great in Auckland but you will get the holiday rush but if you enjoy sunny weather it can still be great to travel in New Zealand over the Christmas holidays.

Do I need a visa for New Zealand?
You do not need a visa to visit New Zealand if you are a New Zealand or Australian citizen or resident. A UK citizen and/or passport holder (you can stay up to six months), or a citizen of a country which has a visa waiver agreement with New Zealand (you can stay up to three months). If those don’t apply to you then you will need a visa while staying in New Zealand

How to go from Auckland airport to city?
You can either catch an airport to Auckland CBD bus or book a transfer prior to landing in Auckland. Other options are to travel to the city or to the airport by taxi this can be expensive. In New Zealand, we have Uber drivers through the app. This is a cheaper option for taxis and if there’s any traffic around Auckland you won’t get charged for sitting still in traffic like you would do in an Uber.

Where to stay in Auckland?
AVANI Metropolis Auckland Residences which is in the central city of Auckland. Situated in Auckland CBD (Central Business District), AVANI Metropolis Auckland Residences offer spacious, self-catering accommodation, great in-room amenities, and stunning city views.
How to get around in Auckland?
Bus, Train, Ferry
Auckland has great public transport all controlled by the AT website. To find schedules on what is the best option to get around Auckland visit the AT website: https://at.govt.nz/bus-train-ferry/

You can grab a taxi very easy at the Avani Hotel in Auckland because of the CBD location. You literally just have to walk out your door and chances are you will find a cab. Other cheaper options to booking a taxi would be to book an Uber. Download the app easily to any smart device: https://www.uber.com/en-NZ/

Other Auckland Travel Information
Alcohol: The legal drinking age in New Zealand is 18 years of age. It is best to always have valid ID on you to prove your age. A passport is going to be accepted at all establishments.

Emergency: In the event of an emergency Dial 111.

Useful New Zealand phrases

  • Sweet as – meaning good
  • Kia Ora – Hello
  • Dairy – convenience store
  • Chilly Bin – cooler to keep drinks cold
  • Jandals – otherwise known as thongs
  • Togs – swimsuit/swimwear
  • Stubbies – shorts for swimming
  • Chur bro – thanks mate
  • yeah nah – yes but no (joking)
  • Tramping – hiking
  • Kumara – a sweet potato
  • L & P – New Zealand made soft drink
  • A mare – crazy situation
  • Op Shop – Thrift shop
  • Pack a sad – be in a bad mood

Things to do in Auckland

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