Create an income from Social Selling

Last year I was lucky enough to travel ten days around Turkey. It was the best decision I’ve made for my career. Self-growth and travel not only benefits you but it benefits your employer. If I didn’t travel I wouldn’t be as happy in my job and wouldn’t appreciate the friendships I’ve built in my day job. This is an introduction to social selling and how I have created an income.

Social selling what is it and why is it a big part of marketing at present? 

People are becoming more aware of social selling. At present you can’t log into your Instagram feed without seeing a product endorsement eg; someone smiling with a newly bought tea. But why is this a positive for marketing? Why is obvious marketing now okay? My view is with more people avoiding television ads and now watching Netflix with no ads social selling been a way to directly target people with products instead.

Companies are popping up all over the world such as The Social Club in Auckland that is focusing on influencer marketing you can see that this is a growing area for B2C marketing. I have been lucky enough myself to convert this into a side career. It’s the modern version of a blogger but now you can blog just with images. On my recent holiday to Cappadocia, Turkey I was able to meet two famous bloggers who were also over to post the iconic Sultan Cave Hotel and talking to them I realized just how much high-powered bloggers earn overseas.

Social selling is now just part of everyday marketing for B2C and it looks like it’s here to stay. 

With over 59,000 followers on Instagram I now have the reach needed to start social selling on my own. Without meeting my new blogger friends in Turkey this wouldn’t be possible. Like any side job you need to surround yourself with people who have the same mindsets. Like any sales process, social selling is all about forming relationships whether it be with brands or like-minded bloggers. Social selling takes place all around you in networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. It can take place either online or offline. So next time you see a tea product post just think if the person is social selling. Then you can try to understand the social selling process.

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