Dyson Airwrap Complete

I’ve been trying out the Dyson Airwrap complete for a few months now. I have super fine hair and have found a few tricks to get the most out of this product. I’ve found you need to use hair spray as soon as you let the curl drop to make the most out of your curls. I use a strong hold hairspray as my hair is super straight and fine. Once I’ve completed all my hair then I will brush out the curls to give a beach wave moment.

I shot an unboxing video on YouTube where I explain in detail all the different attachments on the Dyson Airwrap. Because the Airwrap has so many attachments I do think the price point is okay. The product can be found in New Zealand Sephora stores and Sephora stores globally.

Below is the YouTube video I shot for the Dyson Airwrap showing a fast forward version curling my whole head. I was a bit confused when I used the Airwrap on the other side of my head the first time but once you figure it out it’s pretty easy. Make sure you have a spray bottle of water on hand if you’re like me and your hair drys super fast. The Airwrap works best on slightly damp hair.

The final video I shot for the Airwrap is actually just a cut down of the long video. You never really know with YouTube what content they will pick up for their algorithm. So I chose to do two versions of the same video. This video I also used on my Instagram because I was gifted the Airwrap to try out. Overall I’m pretty happy with the Dyson Airwrap and the best advice I can give is to keep trying. Watch some YouTube videos and you will eventually get how to use it. I also love this because it doesn’t get to hot so it doesn’t damage your hair.

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