Femme Luxe Finery Haul

For my latest Femme Luxe finery haul I went for a mix of different outfits. I love that Femme Luxe has such a wide range of different style items. I picked four outfits this time and a mix of dresses and playsuits. The shipping was fast for international as I’m based in New Zealand.

Femme Luxe Finery Haul – Camo Playsuit https://femmeluxefinery.co.uk/collections/dresses

The first outfit was a camo style print playsuit. The material was super thick and included a waist belt. The quality was very high on this item and is well worth the price. This style is very fashionable at the moment and could also double for a costume if you did want a funky outfit for halloween. I would wear heels or sneakers with this depending on how you would want to dress this outfit up or down.

My next outfit was a baby pink dress which I’m obsessed with. The fabric was light but didn’t show my underwear which is always something I like to double check with dresses. I think this outfit is perfect for the beginning of summer here in New Zealand and would be perfect for a girls lunch or a festival if you wore sneakers.

The next outfit was a suit style dress which could be worn for a night out on the town. It’s an off the shoulder cut which hugs the body. It also came with a belt which polished off the look. This outfit would be cute with a shoulder bag and heels in black. The fabric has stretch in it and is a high quality fabric.

The last outfit in this haul was a white spot dress perfect for spring or summer weather. The fabric is light and was a one shoulder style dress. This dress also came with a fabric tie for the waist. If the weather is cold where you are I would recommend a light coat or jacket to go with this outfit. As it’s nearly summer here in New Zealand you don’t really need a coat.

Very impressed with this Femme Luxe Finery haul and can’t wait to show you guys the items I get in the next haul.

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