Hoover Vortex Pro Stickvac Godfreys- review and first thoughts

Hoover Vortex Pro Stickvac

Last week I was lucky enough to be sent the brand new Hoover Vortex Pro Stickvac to review. I was fully impressed when opening the box with the number of different attachments for the vacuum. As a recent first home buyer in Auckland, I couldn’t contain my excitement with having a new cordless vacuum to try out. Here’s my honest review of the new vacuum from Godfreys. The vacuum and handvac can be used on all floor types which is perfect for my home.

Photo showing all the accessories and attachments for the new Hoover Vortex Pro Stickvac from Godfreys
Lightweight cordless vacuum.

Cordless light Vacuum.

Before I write any review, I like to try the product out for at least a week. What I particularly like about this vacuum is that it is super light weight. Some cordless vacuums can be heavy but the Hoover Vortex is light. I have had back problems since I was younger and the upright design protects my back. The vacuum has a comfortable grip which doesn’t hurt your hand and has a slide battery pack. The Vortex needs minimal cleaning and has powerful suction.

Pricing of the Hoover Vortex Pro Stickvac.

The vacuum is priced at $699 which is well worth the money. The main reasons I think the pricing is good is because of the functionality of the vacuum and the design to help with your back. Another key feature that I love about this vacuum is the upright charging dock. This is perfect for any garage or room and it recharges the vacuum fast.

You can use the Hoover Vortex Pro Stickvac on many surfaces.

Transform your Vacuum into a Stickvac.

Another great feature of the Hoover Vortex Pro Stickvac has is that it’s easily converted from a cordless vacuum to a Stickvac. You can change this over in a minute or two which makes vacuuming fast and fun. Since buying my house I’ve found cleaninh fun and it’s so easy when you have a cordless vacuum with interchangeable parts. I would literally never buy a cord vacuum again after using this vacuum.

Converts into a smaller easy to use hand vacuum. I love the fact that there are so many add on attachments for the Vortex Pro. This attachment is actually meant for upholstery and furniture fabrics. It is so easy to use and can be adapted to all surfaces.

Key Features:

– Impressive 28-minute runtime*
– Digital brushless motor makes for better reliability and higher power efficiency
– 4-stage filtration system to effectively capture dust
– HEPA Exhaust Filter for trapping fine dust particles
– Suited to all floor types including carpet, hard floors, stairs and tiles
– Easily converts from a stick vacuum into a handvac
– New battery slide pack for convenient access
– 8-piece accessory set to give the home a top-to-bottom clean
– *Impressive 28-minute runtime when cleaning with the powerhead and up to 38 minutes runtime when cleaning with the crevice tool

Cleaning up dirt with the Hoover Vortex Pro Stickvac. This attachment is actually meant for upholstery and furniture fabrics. It is so easy to use and can be adapted to all surfaces.

Overall Verdict

I love the fact it’s so easy to store in my house. I bought a terrace house so storage is always an issue. Because the vacuum charges upright it means it can fit easily in my garage next to my washing machine. The floors in my house have never looked so clean. I love that it can be used on my wood floors and also on my carpet.

I use it twice a week along with my flatmates. It’s definitely worth the investment for any working person that doesn’t get much time to do housework. There are a number of Godfreys stores in Auckland the closest one to my house in Hobsonville Point would be the Westgate branch. If you want to try the Hoover Vortex Pro out for yourself just pop along to any of the stores and see why I’m so obsessed with this new vacuum.

Where to shop:

Shop online or visit your local Godfreys to see a demonstration. Free shipping in NZ for orders over $99. Visit the Godfreys website for more info here: https://www.godfreys.co.nz/hoover-vortex-pro-stickvac

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