I bought my first house.

Yes I bought my first house

When I tell people I bought my first home the first thing they ask is “Well your partner must have bought it with you right?” The answer is no I bought my house all by myself. There seems to be a weird cloud over the Auckland housing market. This cloud and group of people that run after it seem to think it is near impossible to buy a house in Auckland as a couple let alone by yourself. I’m here to the rescue to tell you that you can buy in Auckland.

How were you able to buy your first home?

This is always the second question that I get asked. Well, the easy answer is I worked very hard. I worked hard to climb up the corporate ladder into a Marketing Manager role for an amazing New Zealand company. I would be lying to say you could buy a house without a good salary if you’re the only one on the mortgage. Along with this I really do owe buying my house to the people I have met along the way. So many people tried to tell me no Alex don’t buy a house it’s silly the housing market might crash or something might fall out the sky so you won’t be able to afford the repayments. I literally had every person tell me every reason not to buy (especially in Auckland).

I took advice from people in the property market that own more the 3-4 homes. One of them is someone I work with currently and to be honest I do look up to them. He made a very good point he said “Alex if the housing market does dip in the next year you will have an asset. Even if you do lose a tiny percentage of money by the time a year goes by of you paying off your own mortgage rather then someone else you would have made the money back in mortgage repayments but also have that asset.”

The last person that had a big sway on me in terms of leading me down the right path with my house honestly was my mortgage broker. He listened to everything I had to say, answered every silly question and was able to work with me when I kept changing my mind. Cam had no idea if I was wasting his time really as the conversation we originally had was I wanted to buy in the next two years. This escalated to me buying something within two months of when we started talking.


The next stage.

I’m going to break down my house buying journey over a few blogs as there’s just so much to tell you guys. I want to share all the good things and some of the bad things with you. This was you won’t fall into the same holes I did. Also, I might be able to answer some of the silly questions you might also ask. If there’s a topic you would like me to cover please comment. The blogs over the next few weeks will be on the following:

  • How to get a mortgage.
  • Why talking to a mortgage broker and having one made my life so much easier.
  • Do you need to be GST registered to buy a home and why should you be or shouldn’t you be.
  • Why you need a lawyer to look over the paperwork.
  • What are the differences between buying off plan and buying a complete home?
  • Signing on the dotted scary line of a contract.
  • I’ll show you my first home (what it looks like).
  • The journey and progress of my house being built.
  • How badly I was judged at open homes and my experience.
  • Why you can still buy in Auckland and the media is just trying to scare you.

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