Instagram Shadow banning explained

Instagram Shadow Banning

Thought I would give some light on Instagram Shadow Banning as it seems to have rocked the Instagram¬†community with bloggers and influencers being scared. All it comes down to is if you have an organic Instagram you’re safe and don’t need to worry. Instagram resets their algorithm¬†every few months to try stop bots and non-organic behavior… So if you aren’t using any bots you’re safe… if not then watch out your account could be flagged and taken away from you with no warning

Bye bye Instagress..

This is one of the first platforms taken down by Instagram as we all know it is now owned by Facebook so they have the leverage to remove any bots¬†or just buy them to disable them. Don’t freak out though this is a great move forward for Instagram stopping bots such as this website which automatically does follow/ unfollow and automatic likes.

What does this mean? What is shadow banning?

Shadow banning is when a user is flagged by Instagram without warning for suspicious activity. This is for a number of reasons. The consequence is not showing up on hashtags or having your account deleted. Instagram is flagging people for inappropriate behavior on the app. This could be using a bot, commenting on to many photos, liking to many photos or attaching foreign apps to your account.

How do I know I’m shadowbanned?

If you have a second Instagram you can check if you show up on a hashtag or not. You have to make sure that account isn’t following you otherwise it won’t work.

What do you do if you’re shadowbanned?

The articles I have read about this say wait 48 hours but who knows which Instagram have programmed to remove the shadow ban. Best thing to do is stick to the rules don’t try bots and just play by the rules. Instagram is organic and meant to be real not controlled by bots they’re just trying to protect their brand.


Be real. Be organic. DON’T USE BOTS

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