Paco Rabanne – Olympea Aqua and Invictus Aqua perfume

Olympea Aqua and Invictus Aqua

Paco Rabanne released the latest additions to the Paco Rabanne fragrance portfolio. The new fragrances have the most beautiful bottles which any girl or guy would love to have in their collection. The female fragrance Olympea Aqua is paired with the male perfume which is called Invictus Aqua. I love when fragrances launch both the male and female perfumes on the same day. The male fragrance Invictus Aqua also has a great bottle and is quite a masculine scent.

Invictus Aqua is meant to be the bottle of a champion. The colour of the bottle stands for the raging ocean and how the champion overcame the ocean to show true power. The perfume is a woody daring mash-up of heat and freshness. The bottle has a strong storyline that can be seen in the ad campaigns for the two male and female fragrances.

The two fragrances are meant to represent a goddess and hero. The Olympea Aqua perfume shows female power seen in the shape of the bottle. I was very impressed by these two fragrances. I normally like either the male or female fragrance when a brand releases a scent. On this occasion, I love both of the perfumes and wouldn’t be able to pick between the two.

The two fragrances Olympea Aqua and Invictus Aqua will be available on the 20th of May at Farmers, selected Life and Unichem Pharmacies, Smith & Caugheys, David Jones and other NZ department stores. I would highly recommend these two fragrances as a gift idea for a birthday or Christmas present. I had so much fun taking the photos of these perfume bottles.

Paco Rabanne perfumes

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