Social Media anxiety and why people need to start being nice again!

I’ve been seeing online a lot lately other influencers calling other people out online.
So I thought I would just say this is NOT okay! Honestly guys just be nice. If you have something nasty to say just don’t say it.
The people on the end of your messages do sometimes take it personally.

Why don’t we all just concentrate on ourselves?
Instead of focusing on others faults why don’t you send them something nice?
Why post on your Instagram story or on your blog always about negative things happening with others.

Social media anxiety is a thing. Comments about others do hurt the people you’re messaging.
For example recently I have seen online many people calling out the MAFs Australia cast. Any form of bullying isn’t right!
People can choose to live their own life and do what they want especially on their personal platforms (social media).

I myself have had social media anxiety and going through a breakup a couple years ago also attributed to this.
Stressing about what I post on my Instagram and just becoming too obsessed.
Through time I realised I was over judging myself. Social anxiety is stemmed from others.

I once had a follower comment on my photo saying I put weight on.. yeah I put weight on but only because I was happier.
Do my followers really want me to be unhealthy? I used to be so skinny and then I got a career and the good old metabolism stopped.

But I taught myself to stop caring… and you all need to stop bullying online.
It’s not okay at all. Let’s make social media a happy platform again….

For anyone suffering from social media anxiety or anxiety, in general, I found the below helpful to calm yourself down.

Close your eyes
Hum happy birthday song

Weird but it works

One thought on “Social Media anxiety and why people need to start being nice again!

  1. Beautifully written. Amosity can be a cruel teacher. Positivity is aleays the right way. Much respect

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