Top five ways to get cheap word of mouth growth for your business

Word of mouth top 5 tips:

In today’s world word of mouth is a tool which doesn’t cost much money. It will help you grow your company organically and build trust with new or old customers. Below are some tips and tricks on how you can do this to save money when you don’t have a huge marketing budget.

1: Your customers are your voice:

When people hear self-promotion or word of mouth they tend to run the other way. This makes your brand more authentic and gives your company street credit. Implement reviews on your e-commerce website on certain products so that customers can speak and sell for you. This is great because you can monitor the reviews and remove any that are spammy or inappropriate content in the review. Facebook reviews can be hard though.  This is because you have no control over them. I wouldn’t advise you set them up because in the past it’s turned me off buying particluar products.

2: Forums and online groups:

Create a place your customers and potential customers can talk about your products. Whether it be sharing a photos of their outfit, general feedback on something brought online or just people asking questions around your products. This is a great way for your target market to band together in one place. Make sure you create the groups so you can be in control. You will have the right to delete any posts that might be negative and actually put people off buying products on your site. Facebook is a great place for retailers to create a mini-cult following and provide unity of customers.

3: Influencer marketing:

Another great way to get products out on the market and in front of people’s eyes without paying to much is doing collaborations with influencers. Whether it be bloggers, Youtube influencers, Instagram influencers or celebrities. It’s a good way to get people to see your brand and as a result of this buy your product. Usually, the tactic with this is to email or message the influencer, see if they accept the first amount you offer them. If not ask how much they usually charge.

If the person does have a large following they will want to be paid. They would get multiple companies messaging them a day to promote products. This means they most likely will only message back on paid posts. Any obvious promotion like tea or teeth whitener you should pay the influencer. On the odd occasion an influencer will accept product. If they have a decent following they will want to be paid for the time and effort a post takes.

4: Affiliate programs:

I learnt only a few weeks ago and is quite new on the market for any B2C businesses. Commission Factory is an example of a platform that provides you with a URL link (mainly for bloggers for their websites) which are tracked. The great thing about this is it’s cheaper than advertising through channels like GA. With bloggers bringing business to your site via the links on their blogs. You can also provide influencers with discount codes for their social media. People will get a certain amount of discount with the code and the influencer will also get around 8-10% commission on top.

URL tracking links also work the same but don’t provide the customer with a code for a discount just the influencer get 10% per sale. It has a cookie attached which means 30 days after the click. When clicking to your B2C site if that person makes a sale within the timeframe the influencer will still get the commission.

5: Customer referrals:

Many B2C companies currently do this via email marketing or a pop up on the home screen of their website. Refer a person to us and get discount on your next purchase of maybe even a GWP (gift with purchase). Usually these promotions do have terms and conditions on spend. Make sure you don’t get caught out and end up losing on a promotion by making terms and conditions for promotions. Make sure you state the person must spend a certain amount for the promotion to be applied to an order. 

In conclusion:

Word of mouth marketing is important for your business. If you get it wrong it could mean your business would lose credibility.

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